Friday, December 17, 2010

The Truth of The Matter by Andrew Klavan

Charlie West has been on the go endlessly since he woke up with a year of his life gone from his memory, and being wanted by the police for murder. Oh, and did I mention the place he woke up in was a terrorist torturing chamber? But that's the first book. We're on book three.
Charlie finally finds a hope, however small, to remember- Waterman. Whether friend or foe, Charlie doesn't know, but he is not going to let hope slip through his fingers.

I read this without first reading the first two in the series. Why? I suppose you could call it laziness. I apologize; my opinion is slightly unfair plot wise.
Surprisingly, I was not confused once. It was quickly paced but not much description- I can't call the vocabulary an art. I felt the story to... simple; like I could‘ve spent a month and came up with the same result. Furthermore I detected his style, voice, and choice descriptions all in one book. The story was simple: hope, fear, hope, fear. And every time the character ate he was instantly filled with strength!
This is the book where the mysteries are revealed (always great) but for me it was spewing facts. I will not count that against it, it is my own fault. Overall, decent book. I may read the next book, but I'm not pulling my hair out in anticipation.