Monday, March 31, 2014

Espresso: The Revamp

It's true. I've been a bad blogger. My last post was a long 9 months ago. And yet, the views have continued to come in, so thank you for that. Hopefully you have dug through the archives and found something interesting. But now, we move forward.

To provide some explanation, I started college in the fall! In case you're wondering, I'm not taking any type of English major; I'm actually in culinary arts. Food. Food is great. Ever notice how many books are so torturous with their detailed description of food? On the flip side, I've been surprised how much writing is involved in culinary school. It's not a fantastic excuse, but I have been busy.

The interesting thing is, the busier I've been, the more I realized something. I need to read. Not educational works, important as they are. I need works of fiction as much as I need coffee, nature, or time with friends. Sure I can live without it, but without it there is less living. So eventually, I found the path back to literature. It meant cutting back on social media and TV, but those things are best in strict moderation anyway. 

The more I began to read, the more I realized I wanted to write. And I did, I wrote maybe 100 blog posts in my head. I procrastinate too much. Yet eventually, this happened! I also realized I only read books so fast, and so keeping posts strictly to the topic of book reviews results in infrequent posts. So I think we should shake things up. I'll include some movie reviews, book news, and random ramblings about interesting things. Perhaps even a short story now and then. Sound good? And I'm touching things up a bit. The internet is always racing along. 

Stay tuned, good things are coming your way. In the meantime, grab a cup of espresso and a good book. And I mean real, straight espresso. Strong is good now and then. And the book doesn't have to be the one you are reading. Pick up the one you've been drooling over for a while. 

Anything you'd like to see happen on Gavin Reviews? Let me know in the comments.