Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shadow in Serenity by Terri Blackstock

Logan Brisco has all the traits of an expert con artist, and then some. He is handsome, with a charming smile, likeable personality, and the ability to smoothly convince others to hand over their money. But even with all his experience and training, one obstacle stands in the way of his biggest con yet: Carny.

Carny Sullivan was raised by cons. How else would you end up with a name like Carny? But even after turning her life around, she can smell a conman a mile away, and Logan is on the radar. She will do anything to expose Logan's lies and save the town she has come to love- as long as she doesn't fall first.

This book is a Christian revision of the last book Terri released back when she wrote for the secular market. That said, her genre has shifted from romance to suspense. And this being based off one of her old stories, Shadow in Serenity does not contain the heart-pounding suspense consistent in most of her books. However, this does not mean this is not a great book. It was an excellent book! The characters are extremely well done, and you instantly bind with them, making the story all the more interesting. You travel with them through past and present on an amazing in-depth journey that gets you thinking. Amazing novel, and of course I cannot wait for Terri's next novel, Downfall, set to release in February 2012.