Saturday, August 28, 2010

Havah by Tosca Lee

It is just after the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden. Eve has just been created, and Adam is the only other human in existence. It is paradise. Pain doesn’t exist, evil is unfathomable, and the fruits of the earth flourish incredibly. Then with a single bite of a seductive fruit man is cursed with sin and mortality. But the story does not end there, obviously not, or you would not exist. This is the story of Havah – mother of all.

This story is told in first person, the perspective of Havah. I love how this story is told in first person because it shows all the emotions that must have taken place in the dramatic events. This story takes the first few chapters of Genesis and turns it into a whole book filling in gaps to create a story that I think is probably quite close to the actual historical events. This book forever changed my viewpoint of the story and gave me a new respect for it all. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about Adam and Eve. Supreme job Tosca!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thunder of Heaven by Ted Dekker

It is deep in the Amazon. Tanya, whose parents are missionaries, and Shannon, who’s parents own a coffee plantation, are madly in love. Everything is going wonderfully for Tanya and Shannon. But then, the unimaginable happens. In an evil massacre, Tanya and Shannon are separated, and forever scarred. Years pass, when the story is finally unfolding. Terrorists have formed a plan that will forever put a dent in America’s history, and not in a good way. Pushed beyond her limits, Tanya must play her part in stopping it. But it won’t be easy. And then an unimaginable twist happens, and it all gets weirder. Evil is revealed, and the thunder of Heaven is unleashed.

I read this book after Heaven’s Wager, which I loved, so I had high expectations. I think it is safe to say that it proved worthy to be in the same series so to speak. It is a story of a terrorist attack, and it is a story of love. If you find either of those interesting, I think you will enjoy it. I recommend this book to people who enjoy suspense books. I suggest that this be the fourth and last book you read in The Martyr’s Song

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heaven's Wager by Ted Dekker

Kent Anthony's dreams are all about to come true. He has a wonderful wife and ten-year-old son, not to mention he just designed a program for his company earning him millions of dollars! Seems to good to be true? It is. Right as everything was going perfect, everything suddenly went wrong. Very wrong. Being so depressed that he practically reaches insanity(or does he?) he comes up with a plan. A very "beneficial" plan that could change things again. The die are rolled, the lots are cast, and Heaven's wager will be revealed.

I loved this book. It was very sad, but it was quite good. It had very powerful spiritual warfare, and showed the power of prayer. I recommend this book to anyone who has someone that they are trying to bring to Christ. I suggest that this be the third book you read in The Martyr's Song Series.


Friday, August 20, 2010

When Heaven Weeps by Ted Dekker

World famous author Jan Jovic is living the life. He is known world-wide, has all the money, and is engaged to the woman he loves. It did not all come about easily though, no, there was quite a price paid for it. He experienced the love of Heaven, and wrote it in a book to share the love with others. But in a minute, his whole life if flipped over. He rescues a young woman named Helen from her pursuers, and life is never the same again. Jan is given a choice- one that is not easily or lightly made. He experiences the ultimate sorrow of Heaven, and sees why and when Heaven weeps.

When I first started the book, I must admit I was kinda disappointed. The beginning "book" labeled "The Priest" is basically a paraphrase of The Martyr's Song. While I loved that book, I wanted a new story. However, once I got past that part, it was an excellent story. It is about loving as Christ loves. And is quite a realistic display of our failures and His forgiveness. I recommend this book to anyone who is curious as to the curious to the value of each soul, or has questions about agape love. I suggest that this be the second book you read in The Martyr's Song Series.

The Martyr's Song by Ted Dekker

It is near the end of World War II. A group of soldiers stumbles upon a small community in Bosnia that appears to be untouched by the war. At first they can't figure out how. Then they decide it must change. The community is given the ultimate test; one that will forever change them and many others in ways that they can not yet imagine. Everyone must live and die, the only question is, in what order? The life in death is revealed, and the laughter of Heaven echoes all over it. This is the martyr's song.

This was an amazing book. It is a wonderful display of the love we should all share for Christ. This book touched me deeply, and is quite emotional. I recommend this book to those who need inspiration, and I suggest that this be the first book you read in the Martyr's Song Series.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee

Clay lives a sad, disappointing life. His wife cheated on him then divorced him, his career as a writer failed and now he must be an editor. But one night can change his life forever. He is visited by a demon. Not the way you might expect - a fiery beast, but in the form of a human. The demon asks- no forces Clay to listen to his story, and then publish it. The demon gives his account of falling from Heaven, his observance of the creation of the Earth, and his view of the birth and death of Jesus Christ. At first, Clay wants to escape the demon, but then he becomes obsessed. And he will never be the same.

I loved this book. It pulled me right in and demanded to be finished. It gave me new perspectives on demons, angels, Lucifer, and some major events in the Bible. It helped illustrate spiritual warfare, and made me ponder certain stories, and peer into their deepness what I once thought obvious and certain. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has questions about demons and angels. The only thing about this book that I am not particularly fond of is that is an open-ended book. You must decide upon the ending for yourself. However if you have read the book and wonder what the author was thinking for the ending, check out this video:

Also, here is the trailer: