Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clarity by Jenna Kay

Clarity lives in a small hick town in Southern Georgia with her aunt. She has a best friend and loving boyfriend. Partying and being a teen. This is the life Clarity has come to know.

But when she meets Sam, who claims to be an angel, and tells her that she is a Seer, her nicely packaged life is thrown into chaos. Everything is changing and strange things are always happening. She must decide whether to go back to normal or embrace being a Seer in her difficult search for clarity.

I found Clarity to be a very good book with great spiritual warfare. It is well written, and fast moving. Clarity and some of her friends can be a bit dirty so some of it is... interesting. I suppose that makes it more realistic however, in our society today. Clarity is from the first person point of view of a woman. As a guy, it is always hard to tell whether the book will be to feminine in this case, but this time, it was fine. More towards a female audience, but I didn't feel awkward reading it. Great job, Jenna, excited for the next one!

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