Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book of Days by James L. Rubart

The memories, they're slipping away. His wife, his past, and even the note he just wrote down- gone. As reality slips away, Cameron Vaux grasps desperately at his last hope: a legendary book that records the earth's days. On his search, he is pointed towards a small town. But at any mention of the book, the people shut up like he just showed off his suicide bombs. The memories may be dissolving, but the words haunt him still "You will lose your mind. When it starts happening . . . you must find the Book of Days"

I loved this book. The storyline was brilliant, and I love how realistic it was, rather than theatrical compliance. The reactions and dialogue seemed to be exact with the parallel if someone asked you about a Book of Days in 5 minutes. The writing flowed excellently, and I had a very hard timing setting the book down.

This book did have loose mutual themes with Rooms. As a vague summary, a search for purpose and hope. My personal opinion however, is that Book of Days is even better than Rooms. Excellent novel, James!

Here is the book trailer:

Here is James Rubart on Book of Days:

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  1. Gavin,

    So glad you liked it, my friend!

    Appreciate the review.

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