Monday, December 19, 2011

Masters & Slayers by Bryan Davis

Forbidden legends of dragons from another world linger. But when a portal believed to link the two worlds is found, everything changes- or does it? Adrian Masters and Marcelle find a freakishly-mirrored world where dragon-enslaved humans scoff at the idea of a human planet without dragons. Adrian and Marcelle find themselves in the awkward and dangerous position of rescuing the Lost Ones, only, they don't know that they're lost.

I would like to start off noting how beautiful the cover for this book is. Honestly, it is what drew me to read this book in the first place. And, I am quite glad it did. Masters & Slayers turned out to be two beautiful fantasy worlds, bridged by a few secret portals, and categorized by the infamous mythical creature- the dragon. I am no expert on dragon books- I have only read a select few. But this book had an excellent lore that strayed slightly from the typical medieval kingdoms and dragons tales.

All of that said, this book did start somewhat slow. In the note at the beginning of the book, which gives the recommended reading order, it recommends starting with Starlighter (Dragons of Starlight). I think the missing backdrop in this book might have been filled in if I read Starlighter first. Still, Bryan Davis says the order for the two is interchangeable. Overall, the characters are well done, but slightly too perfect. I am hoping that with this book having been such a beginning, the next books in the companion series will be intense and suspenseful.

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