Monday, March 5, 2012

Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl

It begins with an old woman chanting in Latin and hosting unnatural strength. But things get more serious when a teenage girl is found brutally murdered. When all of the witnesses seemingly display amnesia, this is a tough case to crack. Old friends, Tommy Gunderson, former NFL player, and Dani Harris, forensic psychiatrist, must work together to solve this unusual case. But they can't help but wonder is this case might involve more than just humans.

Waking Hours took a little while for me to get truly into the story, but once I did, the novel was very suspenseful. My biggest complaint with this book was the characters. I didn't really connect with them like I do with characters from many other books. I also found the characters reactions and interactions quite predictable. However, even though I consider this to be a major flaw, I still loved the story line itself. It was the sheer force of suspense, intrigue, and mysterious supernatural happenings that made me enjoy this book.

This book did feature something that most crime novels are seriously lacking in: forensics. Amen! When reading some suspense novels you just have to ask (mentally), what about a fingerprint? Can't you test the blood to see whose it is? Footprints? Clothing? Well, this book meets the questions of the average cop-show-watcher. Another element of this novel that I enjoyed was the subtle but lingering supernatural eeriness.

I received a free copy of this book from Booksneeze, in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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