Monday, May 6, 2013

Afloat by Erin Healy

Beautiful homes built on the water might just be the way of the future, as architect Vance Nolan sees it. But just as his dream is becoming a reality, disaster strikes. A sinkhole endangers several lives, including those of Danielle Clement and her son Simeon. In the aftermath of the disaster, merciless rain and rising waters ensue, stranding everyone in a single building. It becomes survival of the fittest when it is discovered murders are among them.

Afloat dives straight into the heart of the story. There is a beautiful symbiosis between suspense and plot. Just enough backstory is initially revealed for initial hook, and an alternating blend in the rest of the story keeps you perfectly ensnared. In such a seemingly confined setting, my mind roamed free.

Since these stranded, survival of the fittest type stories can occasionally be cliché, I would like to point out that this is in no way the case for Afloat. The story was loaded with unexpected turns, both in happenings and in characters. My mental view of the story world was just stunning and in great detail, yet I never felt any descriptions dragged on.

I loved the spiritual elements in the story. Often times the theme can be so very monotonous in a Christian fiction, but this story mixed things up a bit and even had multiple points. The supernatural element that is trademark in Erin's work has a milder tone in this novel than some of her other works, but still plays a notable part. Eagerly awaiting the next Erin Healy novel!

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