Monday, November 15, 2010

The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson & friends race to the rescue when Grover calls... well sort of. Two new very powerful demigods have been found, and no one knows either parent. Their history is quite foggy, but before they can think about that, they must rescue them, and it won't be easy. The group runs into an old bunch of “frenemies” that sends all Camp Half Blood in a spin. And on their next journey, they run in to a very dangerous, very powerful titan, and one of them must bear his curse.
This book was quite enjoyable, though somewhat different than the typical greek mythology you think of. This book goes back to a few beginnings and explains not only the titan's curse, but the curse on Percy's sword, riptide, as well.

This book was kind of sad. I saw it coming, but nevertheless, it was sad. Unfortunately, if you plan on continuing the series, get used to it! The series is full of action and humor, but from here on out expect sadness as well. But don't let that stop you- sadness is good. Awesome read!


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