Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Forgiveness Project by Michael S. Barry

Forgiveness. The key to peace. The freedom from hatred. The glorious outcome of Jesus' resurrection. So why are we so quick to reject it? Why is it so obviously absent in our society? Is there any possible chance that it is connected to the deadly disease, cancer? That is exactly what Rev. Dr. Michael S. Barry strives to explain in The Forgiveness Project.

This book is exactly what it advertises itself to be. It contains in-depth neurological and psychological explanations on the responses to forgiveness and hatred. It also gives cancer patient's testimonies, an explanation of why we don't try to forgive, why we should forgive, and ideas on how to forgive. I can't say that after reading this book I have forgiven everyone. But what I can say is that it got the stone wheel rolling, and I have started on the healing path.

I was shocked to find a few passages from the Hindu Mahabharata. The selected quotes didn't go against my faith in any way however, so I see nothing wrong with it. A great book, recommended to anyone who wants to forgive, whether everyday or a major grudge.

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