Friday, January 28, 2011

The Sword by Bryan Litfin

400 years after the modern world is destroyed, a medieval style kingdom called Chiveis comes forth. Christianity has long been forgotten, and now the Chiveisians have their own polythiestic religion loosely based on ancient Greek and Roman mythology. When a Bible is accidentally discovered, the ultimate clash of religions will take place.

An excellent story. Descriptive, but fast moving. A great example of how much we should cherish Christianity every day. The setting is pretty believable since there are no mythical creatures. It is possible in the way The Bride Collector is possible, are there serial killers? Yes. Are there victims? Yes. But is it likely that an actual serial killer kills those victims that way? No. The Sword is kind of like that. Could the world really be destroyed that year that way? Yes; but highly unlikely.

The characters are well defined, and it is about their personal journeys just as much as it is about the re-discovery of Christianity. A brilliant novel, recommended to Christian adults, especially those who want to have a better appreciation for both Christianity itself and the religious freedom we experience in America today. I am very excited for the second book, The Gift.

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