Friday, August 27, 2010

Thunder of Heaven by Ted Dekker

It is deep in the Amazon. Tanya, whose parents are missionaries, and Shannon, who’s parents own a coffee plantation, are madly in love. Everything is going wonderfully for Tanya and Shannon. But then, the unimaginable happens. In an evil massacre, Tanya and Shannon are separated, and forever scarred. Years pass, when the story is finally unfolding. Terrorists have formed a plan that will forever put a dent in America’s history, and not in a good way. Pushed beyond her limits, Tanya must play her part in stopping it. But it won’t be easy. And then an unimaginable twist happens, and it all gets weirder. Evil is revealed, and the thunder of Heaven is unleashed.

I read this book after Heaven’s Wager, which I loved, so I had high expectations. I think it is safe to say that it proved worthy to be in the same series so to speak. It is a story of a terrorist attack, and it is a story of love. If you find either of those interesting, I think you will enjoy it. I recommend this book to people who enjoy suspense books. I suggest that this be the fourth and last book you read in The Martyr’s Song


  1. I found Heaven's Wager quite boring and I strongly disliked When Heaven Weeps, so I had extremely low expectations for this book. I was totally blown away. I love this book more than the other books in the series combined.

  2. I can definitely see where you are coming from, these books are sort of repetitive, at least When Heaven Weeps, and Heaven's Wager. But the reason I loved Heaven's Wager had mostly to do with the beautiful spirituality in it. However, I would say Thunder of Heaven was the most like a more modern Ted Dekker novel.