Friday, October 15, 2010

Rooms by James L. Rubart

Micah Taylor is rich, successful, powerful, good-looking, and young. What more could you ask for? Micah is about to find out. He gets a somewhat suspicious letter from his deceased great uncle claiming he built a house for him. In Cannon Beach. The one place he'd try to avoid all these years. Of course, Micah goes to the house planning to sell it, but the house feels....right. It feels like...him. As time goes on, strange things go on in the house. Micah is torn in two. And the things chewing at his heart are...rooms.

Overall, this was an excellent book. It dives into the subjects of redemption and the supernatural and wont let you escape to you hear the whole thing. However, it does have a few flaws, from my perspective. For one thing it was somewhat predictable. The first chunk is quite a mystery, but once the meat is revealed, the rest seems pretty obvious. My other problem is it seems somewhat repetitive. Not dreadingly so, but enough to have you occasionally think okay, I get the point. Lets move on now. Overall - great book. My only wish would be a few more unexpected twists.

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